Why Ayurveda?
Veda (Knowledge) of Life

Disease free condition is best source of virtue, wealth, gratification and emancipation while the diseases are destroyers of this welfare and life itself.

R.I. – in routine daily life of a person from any strata of life of working days hence, money and mental unhappiness etc. are resulted. In diseased state person can’t perform religious tasks as they require cool and comfortable mind.

Ayurveda helps to eliminate diseases so it is good for living beings. Ayurveda has other very basic concept which is unique one. No science dealing with life is yet arrived at this state.


It helps the healthy person keep or maintain his healthy status and make rid/ elimination of disease of a patient.

C.R. – no science dealing with health yet has such a concept to keep the health of healthy person. Ayurveda when starts its treatment portion first of all, gives chapters on Rasayan/ Vajikaran which are very basic. They are promoters of health and greater importance is given to this.

I.P. – to keep the health of healthy person and to eliminate disease of patient.


These are given in great details and Rasayan and Vajikaran is very basic to Ayurvedic concepts. In Dincharya – daily regimen is explained and given in good detail how to earn living and how to go in society and how to keep individual organs healthy.

Ritucharya – food, living etc. according to season and Sadhana karma according to Dosa and various seasons. If any person live according to these principles chances of getting disease are almost nil. And person lives happily and healthy.

Limitations – these days because of hurry and worry people are not so aware to follow these regimens and to avoid diseases.

Secondly, environmental changes have changed season. Because of global warming and unpredictable changes in rainy season, excessive heat in summer and dry spells with rain etc. have changed the scenario of Dosa Sanchya and Prakopa etc. so following Ritucharya is not that easy.

Importance – even with these limitations more or less seasons changes by same. But sometimes, there is a prolonged and other short season. But even then if one keeps a watchful eye and thinks according to environmental changes the various Dosa changes are same. And by following these one can achieve health. By following daily regimen despite of earning living person lives in society with dignity and self respect.

Deloading Health Services – by simply following Ayurvedic regimens chances of following ill comes down and common person do not afford enough money and time to fall ill. So following these regimens helps in saving money and deloading the over loaded health system.

contributed by Dr. R. P. Singh