College of Yoga and Human Consciousness

An Initiative of GDPAU

GDPAU has taken an initiative to revive the authentic yoga tradition as it is but supported by Modern Science so that every concept and practices can be understood , applied to modern man aims at dissolving sufferings and problems at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. As Yoga is a science of consciousness and it deals with human consciousness and its evolution through its many practices, it should be apt to name – College of Yoga and Human Consciousness (CYHC) - an independent entity under GDPAU.

CYHC works independently but under governance of GDPAU in offering services in the field of yoga. CYHC is working towards bringing synthesis in different schools and styles of yoga on one hand and offering specialized services to people and groups on the other hand. In this endeavor, CYHC accepts all scriptures and modern writings especially of great masters as source of information and knowledge. Further, CYHC have designed and developed specialized programs and practices for individuals and target groups for helping the humanity as a whole.